About Us

From brainstorm to curtain call, we provide all the tech solutions you need: lighting design, production design, consultation, and the management skills to bring it all together
If you do creative, original work, you know what it’s like to see everything clearly in your mind’s eye—to have a vision for something no one’s ever designed before.

Production and Design
for Creatives Like You

Sometimes, you can bring that vision to pass on your own. But you also know when you need help. You can feel it in your bones when your idea requires people with skills that complement your own.

As you add production and lighting designers to your team, you need professionals who understand the technical systems they are using.

But understanding technical systems isn’t enough.

You need artists who understand

who understand the language creators use.
People who are willing to collaborate with you as you bring your idea to life.


Chief Cre8ive Director
Cre8ion Group speaks that language.  As CEO and lead designer, Corey Verdusco brings his years of experience and technical understanding as he engages the creative process.

Test Cre8ion Group is poised to help people like you.

Connect With us

We Work with Artists

Founded in 2019 by production industry veteran Corey Verdusco, Cre8ion Group is on the cutting edge of production and design
Having worked with legendary performers as diverse as Tim Gunn, Marie Osmond, Ed Asner, Jason Aldean, and the Moscow Festival Ballet, Corey brings a depth of experience to every set and stage he works on.

He’s given his talents as a lighting designer and production manager to The Hallmark Channel, Bravo, MLB Network, NHL Network, Ringling Brothers Circus, and Carnival Cruise Lines.

With training and experience in several aspects of stage and TV production, Cre8ion Group is looking to work with creators of all kinds, at whatever stage they are in the process.

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